Awful Place

So this place will probably have my review not posted cause they made sure to get my yelp review banned. This place is horrible in so many way’s. 1st they will lie and lie to get money from you and lie to make it seem like it’s your fault when they are the one’s in the wrong. They booked an appointment for my child and then had called and said we are close cause of bad weather which rain is not bad weather. So found out the real reason why they canceled which was to have a party on TikTok to give out Invisalign to their favorite customers for free. So when I confronted them about it they didn’t like what I have said and said you are no longer allowed to come here. Wouldn’t even listen to me or give me a chance to speak. Right there that should be enough for you not wanting to come here but let’s keep going. So then before that there is a guy with tattoos all over him I never seen him before thought he most of been new. Yes new guy to call and harass you non stop calling your phone non stop oh your insurance covers your child to get braces. So we didn’t think he should and felt like we got force to do it. Mind you the guy says if he doesn’t take care of his braces we can take them off in a rude manner . So we get the $500 to do the braces and then after me confronting them about the tiktoks and booting us out the new dentist who we go to say’s that is illegal what they are doing. They charged you and have to remove his braces cause they are the ones who charged you. And put them on. I told them that and they said we aren’t going to do anything for you like the bullies they are. So I saying all of this so you don’t ever take your kids to them. The are doing illegally things they are a bullying business. They talk down in such a rude way to you child to make them feel like shit. That is why they say I wasn’t allowed back in the room with my child anymore when he went there cause they knew that if I heard it like I have done before I yelled at them and said don’t talk to me or my child in that manner. Don’t talk to him like he is worthless. Would you want me to talk to you child they way you just mistreated my child I bet not. I can go on and on with all the unprofessional behavior and mistreatment and billing and verbal abuse and thieves that steal money and then refuse to treat your child and refuse to remove the braces that they charge us for and ask them to remove them. Never go to the sick disgusting business if I was you.