When it feels you are buying a timeshare!!!

Got a very bad experience at the office
The doctor finished the examination and asked me to remain in the room until Johnny was done with the estimate .
I asked can you email me the proposal as I have something else to do and they said again Johnny will bring to you soon.
Johnny arrived and gave me a $4k proposal and asked me to sign on it.
I said no I didn’t asked for this estimate and Johnny said well they’re office rules so I signed and wrote “estimate “ on the copy that they keep.
After signing he asked me are you ready to commit, and I replied listen is $4k expense I need some time to look into it.
I really feel this office is not interested in me is rather interested in how much will I spend.
I felt just like when you go for a timeshare invite.
Terrible, by the way my daughter had a similar experience
Not good and by the way still waiting on my email copy!!!!!