4 Benefits of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

4 Benefits of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces


Invisalign is an extremely effective and comfortable orthodontic treatment. Designed to align your teeth, just like traditional metal braces Invisalign is more comfortable and easier to wear, because instead of metal wires pulling your teeth into position, Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners to position your teeth. The aligners are shaped from computer-generated images that are based on a digital scan of your teeth taken by your orthodontist. 

The Invisalign System

The Invisalign system works simply, by gradually moving your teeth into straighter positions. The clear plastic aligners are changed every few weeks over the course of your treatment, so that each time, when you put a new aligner into your mouth, your teeth are just a little bit straighter. Because each tray is shaped for teeth slightly straighter than your teeth, the result is a gentle pressure moving your teeth to meet the aligner incrementally. 

You visit your orthodontist about once every eight weeks, to be sure treatment is progressing properly.

4 Benefits of Invisalign 

There are many advantages for selecting Invisalign over traditional metal braces. Here are the top four:

  • Invisalign is Almost Invisible and More Comfortable

Invisalign aligners are made from clear plastic, so they’re almost unseen by others, and are far less obtrusive than standard metal braces. And, they’re also far more comfortable, because there are no metal wires or brackets in the Invisalign process, and the pressure exerted by your aligners is far more gentle than that of metal braces.

  • Invisalign is Removable

The aligners can be removed for 2 to 4 hours every day. Metal braces must be worn all the time, 24/7, even if they are uncomfortable.

  • Invisalign Allows You to Consume Whatever You Want

Because you’ll remove Invisalign to eat and drink anything except water, you can eat whatever you want. With regular braces, you usually need to avoid some foods, such as corn on the cob, popcorn, apples, and any sticky or chewy foods. There’s no risk that your wires or brackets will come loose or get food stuck in them.

  • Your Dental Hygiene is Easier

It’s also easier to care for your teeth when you choose Invisalign. Removing your Invisalign trays allows you to brush and floss normally. And you can simply clean your aligner trays with a soft toothbrush when you brush your own teeth.

Is Invisalign Worth It? 

Invisalign works well for patients of almost any age. It’s important to note that you must wear them as directed every day for the hours required, or the treatment may not work. 

While Invisalign can cost a bit more than traditional metal braces, the comfort, convenience, and unobtrusiveness make these clear aligners worth it. 

And here’s another benefit: many times, you will wear Invisalign for less time than metal braces. Invisalign treatment can take 6 to 18 months rather than two years for traditional braces.

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