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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Germantown, MD?

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Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic dental treatments because it provides dramatic results in a short amount of time. Most people have tooth stains or discoloration at some point in their lives, especially if they drink coffee, tea, or red wine or use tobacco products. A whiter smile can take years off your appearance, but how much does it cost? And what can you expect from the procedure? We answer some common questions about teeth whitening below.

How much does teeth whitening cost in Germantown, MD?

The cost of teeth whitening in Germantown, MD depends on the type of whitening treatment you choose. An at-home teeth whitening kit from a dentist’s office is more affordable than professional in-office teeth whitening, which can range from $650 to $1000. Take-home whitening systems with custom-made trays are usually around $400.

Is it worth getting your teeth whitening at the dentist?

Yes, it’s worth getting your teeth whitened at the dentist—we take all of the necessary steps to prevent soft tissue damage, painful tooth sensitivity, and enamel erosion. With a dentist, you can also get a stronger bleaching agent than is available over-the-counter, which means you’ll achieve more dramatic results in a shorter amount of time.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

No, teeth whitening isn’t permanent, but with proper care and maintenance, the results can last for years. Avoid the habits that caused your tooth discoloration, brush for two minutes twice a day, and use at-home whitening products for maintenance to extend the lifespan of your whitening treatment.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening typically lasts between two to three years, but if you return to smoking and drinking beverages that stain, you’re likely to see stains and discoloration reappear after about six months.

Is it bad to whiten your teeth?

No! Professional teeth whitening is safe and doesn’t harm your teeth at all, although some patients do experience some temporary sensitivity after their treatments. The danger in teeth whitening lies with overusing over-the-counter products or using whitening treatments that are not approved by the American Dental Association.

What is the best option for teeth whitening?

For the whitest possible smile, in-office teeth whitening treatments from a dentist are the best option available. That said, not everyone needs in-office whitening—if you only have very minor stains, an at-home whitening kit may be sufficient.

Can yellow teeth become white?

Yes, no matter what type of stain or discoloration your teeth have, there is a way to restore them to a bright shade of white. In some cases, traditional teeth whitening treatments may not be the right solution, but microabrasion, veneers, and cosmetic bonding can all be used to give patients a whiter smile. During your consultation, we can determine the type of stains you have and the best option for correcting them.

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