Amazing dentistry!


Amazing dentistry is being performed here! I had a lot of fun from the front desk staff all the way to the dentists! Let me start off by saying Sabrina at the front desk does an amazing job, she stays of top of reminding me that I have an appotiment scheduled for tomorrow, she always has a nice smile and a welcoming personality when I walk through the door. Josie, is the late night front desk staff and she also does an awesome job! Every time I walk in to get some work done on my teeth she’s always smiling and greeting me kindly. Now to the doctor part, Dr. Khanna is an amazing doctor, I highly recommend her, she is kind, sweet, informative, professional, and honest. I do believe she currently works on Mondays so make sure you get that date booked if you want good quality work and the feeling of being “taken care of” at 100%! Lastly, Dr. Patterson is also on my list to visit, she had to do some fillings for me that were not easy and she knocked them out with ease, great work from both Dr. Khanna and Dr. Patterson! The entire staff is great from front to back I felt welcomed and treated with respect not just some “patient” or “client” but more like a family friend. Thank you Total Dental Care and staff for making my dentist vists simple and fun!