Title: Disappointing Experience with Shainna

Title: Disappointing Experience with Shainna Sweetenburg at total care

I have been a patient at total Care for approximately two years, and until recently, I’ve had mostly positive experiences. However, my encounters with Shainna Sweetenburg have been nothing short of disappointing and disrespectful.

Shainna’s demeanor towards clients lacks professionalism and courtesy. Instead of providing a welcoming and respectful environment, she engages in confrontational behavior, often resorting to language and attitudes that are inappropriate for a healthcare setting. Her conduct towards clients is reminiscent of someone from the streets, rather than a trained professional.

As a parent, it’s crucial for me to feel confident in the care my children receive. Unfortunately, Shainna’s behavior has made me question whether continuing treatment at total Care is in our best interest. Despite the nearing completion of my children’s treatment, I am seriously considering seeking dental care elsewhere to avoid further encounters with Shainna Sweetenburg.

Additionally, the high turnover rate at total care Care is concerning, but never before have I encountered someone who treats clients with such disrespect. It’s evident that there is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed within the organization.

In conclusion, my experience with Shainna Sweetenburg at Total Care Care has been extremely disappointing. I hope that management takes these concerns seriously and takes appropriate action to ensure that all clients are treated with the respect and professionalism they deserve. Until then, I cannot recommend total Care to others.