Metal Braces in Germantown, MD

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With all the recent advances and changes in orthodontic treatment, you might think that one thing has remained the same: metal braces. Take a closer look and you’ll be surprised to find out that today’s braces are better than ever, with metal brackets that are smaller and lower profile and advanced archwire technology that moves teeth quickly and effectively. Metal braces remain the most popular orthodontic treatment option because they work well and they’re cost-effective.

Why Choose Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the gold standard in orthodontics. What accounts for their continued popularity? Patients choose metal braces because:

  • Metal braces work better for complex orthodontic cases. While aligner technology has advanced in recent years, aligners still aren’t a treatment option for everyone. Metal braces can treat a wider range of orthodontic issues.
  • Metal braces are not removable like aligners. This is a positive because it means that they’re working all day, every day to straighten your teeth. Invisible plastic aligners only work when you’re wearing them. Patients who don’t wear them as directed have lengthened treatment times.
  • Metal braces are stronger. Metal braces are made with stainless steel, which means they’re more durable than braces with ceramic brackets or clear plastic aligners. 
  • Metal braces are an affordable solution. If your dental insurance plan covers orthodontic treatment, it covers the cost of traditional metal braces. For patients without dental insurance, the cost of metal braces is less than all other options.
  • Metal braces can be customized. For our younger patients, choosing different colored elastics is the highlight of their appointments. Kids love choosing colors to match their favorite sports teams and holidays.
  • Metal braces are more efficient. By and large, metal braces work faster than other forms of orthodontic treatment. This is particularly true in cases where patients do not comply with the treatment plan for invisible plastic aligners.
  • Metal braces are a tried-and-true treatment option. Millions of people have had metal braces. We know they work.

Metal braces can be used to correct a variety of orthodontic issues, including underbites, crossbites, overbites, and misaligned teeth, with superior results. During your initial consultation with us, we will discuss your options and talk about your treatment goals, your lifestyle, and other factors to take into consideration when deciding the right orthodontic solution for you.

Once you’ve gotten your braces, you will return to our office every four to six weeks in order to have your wires tightened and your elastic ties changed. During these visits, we will also examine your teeth to make sure they’re shifting into their new positions as expected. Advances in braces mean treatment times are shorter than ever, but treatment plans vary from person-to-person and the length of time spent in braces varies accordingly. Once treatment is complete, you will be given a fixed or removable retainer in order to maintain your results for a lifetime.

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